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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Green and Orange Cats

Just before waking this morning I dreamed about lime green and dayglo orange cats. My wife and I are cat people. We have four: two short-hair black and two long-hair gray. In the dream I debated whether green cats were an oddity, and the verdict was that they weren't. After I awoke I changed my mind.

I have two rolls of tape that I use for marking my plants and trees. They are the exact colors of those cats in the dream. It's strange that my subconscious went to them for its palette. As far as I know those tapes are outside even my vast range of anxieties.

In the process of pondering on these matters, I could think of very few green animals, outside of frogs, one or two snakes, and a few birds. I suppose that Evolution rarely found that coloration to be necessary, especially in mammals. You would think that it would be more common, given all the greenery that exists over many parts of the world.

I wonder if any of the dinosaurs were green. From what I've heard on the Discovery Channel, they really don't know yet what colors those various long-necked rascals sported. Maybe the paleo people will soon come up with some very authoritative-sounding but suspicious guesses on that, too.


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