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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9/11 -- The End of Civilization? Nonsense

It is interesting and instructive to see how armies of people still go far out of their way to inflate the importance of the events in NYC on September 11, 2001. However the same kind of gravity that keeps our planet in the shape of a big, tight ball constantly works against them, reducing 9/11 to little more than an eventual splatter on the ground.

Just as surely as every bit of the material that once comprised the upper floors of those buildings came crashing down in just a few minutes, the attack on the WTC towers was in all its aspects a downward falling event, yet these people fight to keep it rising ever upward, by troweling onto it huge significance.

Today on the Common Dreams website you can read an article called “The End of Civilization,” by a man named James Carroll. This article is unbelievably overblown in its celebration of 9/11. Here is an excerpt. After speculating that the event brought dread to many hearts because of the fear of nuclear war, he goes on to say:

But I believe now that the immediate trauma Americans experienced that first morning was still more primitive than that. Beyond politics, beyond nationality even, what humans saw in that flash was a glimpse of nothing less than the end of the world.

If it was a glimpse, however, that means that the end of the world was actually in progress and perhaps even imminent, depending on how long it will take the world to end after the crash of some airliners into merely two of the millions of tall buildings in the world. But after five years that end is as far from evident as ever.

The fact is that 9/11 couldn’t possibly have given a glimpse of the end of a small country or even a city, much less the world. If casualties are a good measure, ten times the number of people that died in Manhattan on 9/11 were killed by a hurricane that swept over Honduras and ditto for an earthquake that hit Turkey, both in or around that same year. Yet Turkey and Honduras are still here, and, making allowances for what our news sources deign to tell us, not much is being made in either place regarding those catastrophes that devastated much more of the populace and the real estate of those countries than 9/11 did here.

The 9/11 boosters will keep on beating their drums furiously, to try to keep the same flattening from happening to their favorite event, but it’s a hopeless and pointless task against gravity and time.


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