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Friday, September 15, 2006

The U.S.'s Roof is Leaking

When someone of one of the non-dominant cultures points out and protests a harmful condition in the U.S., and when those in the dominant culture, for whatever reason, don't want to fix the problem but can't come up with a good reason for their refusal, those in this latter group like to fall back on a reply that in their minds instantly smashes all opposition. This response, in its briefest form, is "Love it or leave it."

For example, the descendants of the slaves from Africa in this country will most often hear this sentiment when, in the heat of controversy, they are advised by people of European ancestry to go back to Africa. This is very peculiar, since, to a man and a woman, none of these descendants have ever been to Africa in the first place, nor have their ancestors for many generations in the past. So how can they possibly go "back" to it?

The irony always is that the country would be much better served if the persons who advocate these departures would themselves leave instead. The nation's slob quotient would thereby be much improved. But, as that will not happen, the desperate hope is that eventually they will come to their senses and see the need for improvement. And that, too often, is just that: a desperate hope.

In this respect the country, especially with a government like the present one, is like a house with a leaking roof. The residents that suffer most from the leak ask those who have the power to fix it to do so, but instead they answer, "The roof isn't leaking in my part of the house, so too bad for you. If you don't like it, you know what you can do. You can leave."

So the roof never gets fixed, and the rain damage spreads till finally it affects all of the roof, and it falls in on the surprised occupants.


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