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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Things They Do in Movies

If you are a male character in a movie, never engage in a bitter argument with a woman who is holding a drink in her hand. It is almost a dead certainty that the encounter will end with her splashing you in the face with that drink. If she doesn't have a drink, you will be slapped instead.

But in all my 75 years of checking out several cultures, I have never seen a woman throw a drink in a man's face. Also I have never seen a woman slap a man.

I guess I haven't been in the right places, such as in the movies.

If you are a male character in a movie, and you are cooking up something with another male who is holding a small object of some relevance to the action, when the two you part be ready to have the object tossed at you, sometimes over considerable distances, instead of handed to you.

In all my decades of living in various cultures, I have never had any object thrown at me instead of handed to me, nor have I seen anybody else do that.

Does this mean that I've always lived in a culture of slow thinkers?

If you are a character of any gender in a movie, and you are on foot and trying to escape from someone in a car, you will be expected to stay right in the middle of the lane, road, or what-not where the pursuers can easily hit you, instead of darting off to one side between parked cars, trees, or whatever, where the offending car can't get at you.

I suspect, however, that it is extremely uncommon to see anybody chased by someone in a car to start with, in real life. I have never heard of that being done.

It isn't always good or even sensible to be in the moving pictures.


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