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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Real Republican Keynote Speaker

This past morning a guy on the radio named Rush (his life's work has resulted in his having made his last name far too ugly to type) made a number of statements as the Republican national convention was getting underway in Tampa. Romney and his people had designated another man to make the keynote speech, and that was dutifully done -- though most likely in full recognition that the real chords on which the Repubs have been and will be ringing all their changes till Election Day had already been struck a few hours earlier by the guy on the radio.

Among other unbelievably hateful things, this High Priest of Hatred, R.L., recommended to his fellow Republicans that, with the imminent landfall of Tropical Storm Isaac in Louisiana, they should fill up sandbags with cash money instead and stow those in the New Orleans levees, with the idea being that on hearing of that, the poor people of New Orleans will flock to the levees posthaste to dig out the money and thereby will be drowned by the surge waves and the flood waters that will be rushing up the river into the city. He said that this would greatly decrease the number of Democratic voters in Louisiana, and thus Republicans would be aided in getting things their way.

By all reports this man was deliriously pleased with his "wit" and the quality of his thinking in having come up with this unbelievably cruel and thoroughly unfunny idea.

But what do you want to bet that this will come nowhere near being reported on the national news -- even though in expressing the true spirit of the Republican agenda this year, it trumps by far all the routine stuff that is being said at their convention this week. However, the news media should. After all, there has never been doubt for years already that this man is the spiritual leader of that party.

Meanwhile no one can claim that the man was just making a joke. Nothing that the Repubs say is ever a joke. They are just as lacking in humor as they are in compassion.

Once, a while ago, a friend, in speaking of another man that we both knew, said that whenever this man came out with something vicious, he wasn't joking, and that instead he meant it. Exactly the same can always be said of the Republicans, and to call them crazy is only providing them with a lame excuse.


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