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Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and his Recently Cast Dark Shadow

The other day M. Romney made official the identity of the person whom he had for several weeks already obviously settled upon as being his running mate.

So Wisconsin, a state that we would ordinarily associate with clean living, extreme cold, lots of milk cows, and forward-thinking young people in Madison, has once again regurgitated something noxious all over the sofas, coffee tables, and rugs in America's living rooms. Following the deadly examples of J. McCarthy, of yesteryear, and S. Walker, unfortunately still very much of today, we have this P. Ryan Wisconsin Upchuck of bad intentions and pretensions.

And the odd thing is that he's almost more of a poor reflection on B. Obama than he is on Romney, Apparently till recently Ryan was one of those Republicans that Obama had this bad habit of trying to reach out to, before, entirely predictably, they would break wind in his face.

Borrowing the immortal expression of Red Skelton's most memorable character, Clem Kadiddlehopper, P. Ryan just doesn't look right to me, and his thinking, especially about budgets and health care, go right along with that. As such he is the dark shadow of evil behind the pale, glaring blankness of M. Romney.

People are comparing S. Palin very unfavorably with Ryan, but say what you will of J. McCain, in picking her he at least displayed a much better artistic sense than Romney, to say nothing of showing a greater awareness of which group is the real majority in this country The Haley woman in South Carolina would have been a much more interesting and fitting choice.

But choice, in the other sense beside that of picking a person, is something that one never expects to find in the Repub ranks.


Blogger Steve Bates said...

Obama behaves toward congressional Republicans like an abused spouse: the more they kick him in the face, the harder he tries to appease them, after which they kick him in the face, after which...

If Obama mustered one iota of courage, he could put a stop to that. But he doesn't realize that this is, in fact, a zero-sum game. I fear he will continue appeasing GOPers all the way to a Rmoney presidency... and worse, a Ryan vice presidency. Dog help us all!

12:20 AM  

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