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Friday, July 13, 2012

Why There's Never Been Any Real Reason to Miss Marilyn Monroe

The above stellar photo of some unknown lady appears in the current issue of a mag called "the Washington Monthly," which I don't customarily read, I guess because it appears to focus on economic issues, and economic stuff is another one of those overstuffed aspects of life toward which I adopted yet another very simple attitude in childhood, which took place through all but the first two years of the Great Depression, and my solution can be easily stated in a single sentence: "Never spend more than what you have in your pocket, or in your purse, as the case may be." I was forced to violate this principle only once, though not by much, and that was when I bought the first of the only two houses I've ever had. (The second house, the current one, I bought purely as the money came to hand, by using the strategy of building it myself, board by board. ) I got away with that, and all has been smooth sailing with everything else as well, economically speaking. Of course then you'll never be able to buy a boat, a plane, or a U.S. Senator, but who needs any of that catpoop anyway?

To get back to the photo, which should always be done in a big hurry, because it is worthy of prolonged study, as you look, unsuccessfully, for a flaw in it of any kind, it illustrated an article calling for more female wonks in think tanks, and you should see the comments of outrage that were sparked by its appearance in an otherwise so august a publication, obviously made by people who have also never noticed the many glories of the clouds in the sky.

I didn't read the article either, because tanks of any kind are not my idea of good places to do anything at all. Instead, having been sent there by the "Daily Kos," I appreciated the illustration purely on its own merits, because I saw it as another shot that ranks right up there with the photoshopped one of the otherwise severely twisted right wing female would-be wonk, Sarah Palin, that some time ago I also posted here, somewhere. I don't post many of those masterpieces of the photographic arts, so pay attention or you'll miss something.


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