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Sunday, August 26, 2012

At the Mercy of Idiots 3 -- the "Niggerization" Tumult

The other day on MSNBC, one of the hosts, a rainbow (i.e. "black") guy named Toure, said of the Romney campaign that it was using "niggerization" of B. Obama as one of its weapons.

That this is true is as plain as the nose on your face -- that is, if you've checked lately to make sure that that appendage is still there -- and his contention wasn't denied by any rainbow voices that I know of, not even by the several who are using the Republican masquerade to keep their egos and their bank accounts pumped up to very high levels indeed.

But a fierce outcry immediately rose up from the ranks of the euro (i.e. "white") racists,and they fell all over themselves demanding a quick retraction from Toure or worse, while using the occasion to say smugly and ridiculously that this shows that it is not they but the Democrats who are the racists. They raised so much racket about this that a day or two later Toure, having obviously been told by his superiors at MSNBC to do so or else, obediently and abjectly apologized for what he had said.

When it comes to keeping his high-flying job and all the loose change and the perks that that involves, Toure, of course, did the right thing, But his big mistake was not at all in what he had originally said but consisted instead of apologizing for it even at the risk of instantly being thrown out on the street.

It's been obvious for a good many years -- probably since even before the Southern demagogues started deserting the Democratic party in the wake of the Civil Rights laws and joined the Republicans -- that the Republicans, in all kinds of ways, not all them subtle, have been using attacking rainbows as part of their bread and butter tactics, and they have long been the party of choice for bigots of all kinds, and few seem to have noticed how in our own era the American political pretzel has completed its latest twist into the slave-owners' Democratic party of Lincoln's time having switched into becoming the Republican party of today, while Lincoln's abolitionist Republican party has metamorphosized into being today's Democrats.

Actually you would think that the Repubs would just love B. Obama to death. After all, it is widely recognized that he is much more of a moderate Republican with whom Jacob Javits would have been comfortable than he is a true-blue Democrat who would have warmed the cockles of Ted Kennedy's heart. Obama has reached out to the Republicans in every conceivable way, climaxed by slyly choosing to base his healthcare plan on one that had already been set up in Massachusetts by the very man who, with his people, is now fiercely trying to blacken Obama in every possible way, not least of them being racially, M. Romney.

Obama has in fact, hied to the Republican cause, at least the one of not so long ago, in so many ways that pure logic alone tells us that there must be something else about him that has driven them to be so determined about maligning him unmercifully, and what can that possibly be? It is the color of his father, of course, the only thing that really sets him apart from the few remaining rational individuals in their midst, and it is the thing about him that is most repugnant to what passes for the Republican base of today, as shown vividly during the many debates of the various people who tried to beat out Romney to get the ultimate nod in the Republican primaries, and which seemed to be attended mainly by plainclothes members of the Klan.

We should never forget, however, that the "white" racists had another reason for their outrage at Toure's remark, one deeper and more visceral than just defending Romney, and that is that they will fight to the death any attempt to de-fang the term "nigger." Recognizing full well that rainbows, for all their vaunted language abilities, have still never come up with a derogatory term for "white" people that comes anywhere close to what the Euro racists want their use of "nigger" forever to hold for rainbows, they will always try to make sure that it never loses one drop of that poison for those that they despise so deeply and eternally. The hatred in their hearts far outdoes anything that rainbows could or would even try to dredge up from the depths of their souls.

Therefore those rainbows who profess to be offended by use of the word "nigger" are just playing into the hands of the racists. Unfortunately there are still too many who haven't figured that out yet. Toure was doing racists' targets a very good turn, while his bosses at his network were doing exactly the opposite by demanding that he apologize for his remark.

This is another good example of how we are constantly at the mercy of the idiots among us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Republicans, unlike the Democrats, call a spade a spade.
Unfortunately for Dems, and one of their largest contingencies, any time anything negative about them is brought to light, it is immediately termed "racist".
GOP "hatred" is not toward any people or peoples in particular, save for liars, race not withstanding

1:59 PM  

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