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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pity "The" "Poor" "White" Male

In the title of this post the "The" is in quotation marks because I'm not talking about everyone in a group but just a small segment thereof.   At least I greatly hope that that is the size of the segment.   In addition the "Poor" is in quotes not because it refers to economic status; instead I used the term here to convey pity.   And the "White" is in quotes because that word can't possibly apply to any group of men or women, unless they work non-stop in a badly run lime factory.   To my lifelong observations the people who are so widely referred to as being "white" are in no sense the color of or as pure as the freshly fallen snow, any more than any so-called "black" person is a child of the soot inside a chimney.

The other day a man that certain circumstances have led to me seeing quite a bit lately was analyzing himself and in the course of citing an animus that he held toward a certain group, though I had warned him that those women in my wife's book club were going to be a mite bit different from his captive high school students of yore, he said that actually he didn't like white males either.

"They're always whining about how they're being discriminated against" was the reason he gave.

I wondered if he told me this because I am not a "white" male, while he, on the other hand, is very much a "white" male, and he associates with others of that description all the time..  Most likely he wanted me to be sure of how deeply liberal, progressive, and impartial he is.

Naturally I was well aware that certain kinds of European-derived people or what I call "Euros" have deeply begrudged every advance that Rainbows have made in American life since the end of the overt Jim Crow days, with "reverse discrimination" being a popular term to fling around.   But, as if to back up what this acquaintance said,  a recent CNN article revealed that, among the  many other manifestations of B. Obama serving as U.S. President, a movement has started that aims to highlight the way that certain "white" males feel that their group is being badly discriminated against, just as Rainbows were in the good old days of racial segregation, and naturally these men don't like that one bit, to the point that they even feel that such a situation is against the Will of God.

This shows what a terrible thing it is for a member of a certain group, especially one distinguished only by a trait as superficial and as problematic as skin color, to have had a longtime dominion over everyone in another group or groups.  This perceived superiority over other people whom they so easily see as being their natural-born inferiors becomes an addiction that is obviously almost impossible to kick.   This kind of thing can be seen to have happened all over the world, and that's what we can see happening here amongst these "good Americans."

I wouldn't think that these guys, however much they presume to speak for all "white" males, will be able to get much sympathy for their stand, because you don't have to look far before the inevitable question arises as to what in God's name are they talking about?   One need not look any farther than the current President.   All the other 40=some Presidents that  the U.S,. has ever had have been "white" males.   So you get just one who is not "100 percent"  and instead is only 75 percent and automatically the world as we know it is over?

(Contrary to the stupendously dumb statement that is always made that B., Obama is half "black" and therefore  he's "black" as opposed to being "white," the truth is that he is much more "white" than he is "black," unless you conveniently dismiss the enormous importance that environment has in forming us all, to the point that it probably counts much more than genes..   The circumstances of Obama's upbringing should always be kept uppermost in mind, and meanwhile I would think that people would have more respect for the strength and vitality of so-called "white" blood than to imply that it is so weak and insipid that it can so easily be completely rendered null and void by just that fabled "one drop.")

Everywhere you look, from all three branches of government outward, "white" males are still in the great majority, as they are in the financial sectors, the military, the police, industry, the media, and even in the movies where they are still the preferred heroes.  And yet these guys cry about how they're losing their major share of everything, and that they're no longer even being seen as being "the American," when in fact they rarely were, except in their own minds.

A lot of groups have had a hand in forming the U.S., a proces that  didn't stop in the 1780's and is still an ongoing thing..   And each citizen sees this country in his or her own image.   .

In fact, something I saw in Barbara Tuchman's book "The March of Folly"  may illustrate why it was so relatively easy for the American colonists to throw off the British reins.   The British public of the 1770's was not all that interested one way or the other about keeping a grip on Ben Franklin's 13 rings of ruffians, and she quotes a high British minister as saying that according to his information, two-thirds of the British public believed that "Americans were Negroes."

This is quite an astounding statement.   Surely it is a misprint, or a misquote, not to mention a towering misperception,  because even then the British should've known that Americans instead were a collection of several hundred non-African tribes, usually led by great eloquence and spread out over the whole continent in just the right proportion to the available flora, fauna, water, and air, and it would not be until the next century that the illegal immigrants from Britain, Spain, France, Ireland, and other European countries would nearly complete their mission of completely extinguishing those native populations.

Meanwhile these male descendants of those immigrants need to watch themselves, because they could be in much more trouble than they're claiming.

  I'm certain that these "white" males who feel themselves so pitiably under the hammer that is so familiar to "Rainbow" males, especially those who remember, are more in a minority than they think, even among other "white" males, because the latter would not want to share any of what they would take to be such a great lack of self-respect.   And as for cultivating the sympathy and the regard of  "white" females, they can forget it.   These females may be married to a dismally large number of these guys, and they will suffer themselves to appear to be listening to those whimpers and moans, but that will be it.  It will be for appearance's sake and for the sake of the children, and that's all. 


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

When I was a child... late childhood, maybe early teens, my dad was unemployed. He applied for a job at the Borden milk plant. He was not hired because they needed to hire a woman and he still whines about 'discrimination.' I call him on it.

10:38 AM  

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