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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Getting It in the Neck Every Time

A lot of people would call this post playing the "Victim Card,"  but that charge is always made by those who are confident that they will forever be in the ranks of those who victimize the usual targets, rather than being the targets themselves.   It is the same as the current fashion to revile "judging," though the difference between a judgment call and an honest opinion about the worth of another person is not clear to me.  Isn't that done all the time anyway?  But anyway it has always struck me with chilling force to see how, during any major disruption in the ordinary course of daily life all over the world, the anger is always turned first and most severely on those standing nearby who appear to be different in any way, regardless of anything approaching simple reason, and the easiest and most common indicator of that difference is skin color.  In other words, what I am daring to say here is that Rainbows ("black" people) always get it in the neck first.

Those who use the Holy Bible to inform their minds as well as to wipe their behinds would say that this is the curse of Noah's son, Ham, at work as it should be.  Though the validity of that charge ought to have lapsed thousands of years ago, and actually that story should never have been put out at all, it does so often seem to be that as a people we are indeed cursed, and are always sitting crumpled between a rock and a hard place, even when there's no one but us around, as events numerous countries in Africa have shown, anot just recently but dating from long before the London and Paris and Brussels boys showed up with their claim that, "Guess what, Sam?   Everything here now belongs to us."  

In the most recent history that we know about, because the writing has survived, it was always the Jews who were set upon first in Europe, during such frequent catastrophes as the Plague, the Crusades, and every other disaster where ignorance came in handy.  That was before really visible so-called "black" folk were invented, or at least imported.  Now, interestingly, some descendants of those who survived all those European pogroms have become citizens and also leaders of the colony of Israel, and as such they can enjoy the great luxury of having the inhabitants of all of the neighboring Arab countries to serve in that function.

The most recent example of the theme here involves Libya, where, in the course of the wave of protests now sweeping North Africa the Middle East and resulting in two longtime despotic leaders having so far fallen by the wayside, with a long string of others waiting and watching anxiously, the Arab protestors are having the toughest time in any of these places so far, in throwing off the yoke of a man whose name can apparently be spelled in a thousand ways, though we are told that it means simply "Spitter," or sometimes "Spitter of Mud" -- Gaddafi, or Quadaffy, or whatever. 

Quad, having been chased into holing up in one corner of Tripoli, the capital of the country that he has ramrodded for 40-odd years, is busy fighting as if there is no tomorrow, because actually the way he has reacted to the protestors means that there's a big likelihood that there will in fact be no tomorrow for him, or for those who have done the fighting for him, no matter what happens.   And there are reports that among those shooting at the protestors with deaths amounting to as many as 2,000 have been mercenaries from Sub-Saharan Africa.   But over against that you also get reports that there are from .5 to as many as 1.5 million migrant workers from Mali, Chad, Niger, and other such countries directly to Libya's south, brought into Libya to work in the oil fields and other industries, and also some to do various enforcer things for Quad.   But now they are in hiding and in severe risk from the protestors because of such reports of Rainbow mercenaries firing on the crowds from Tripoli rooftops in Quad's behalf, and hundreds who were dark-skinned or didn't speak perfect Arabic have already been killed in retaliation for such alleged deeds.

Whether or not all this is just nasty rumor, there's no reason not to fear the worst.  The numerous volumes of the past tell us so.


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