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Friday, March 04, 2011

Requiem for Dead Soldiers

The current U.S. Supreme Court, showing once again that often both common sense and wisdom are at best unwelcome guests at its deliberations, ruled a few days ago that a supposed Baptist church called Westboro, located somewhere in Kansas, can continue to show up uninvited at selected funerals for dead soldiers, albeit at a distance of a thousand feet or so.   Their purpose is not to display respect for the deceased and the loved ones that they left behind, though that respect is by far the chief purpose of all funerals that I have ever heard of.   Instead these church members from Kansas, who never even knew or heard of the deceased or his or her family and friends, display picket signs that say stuff like, "God hates dead soldiers."

All but one of the justices, a normally questionable bird named Alito, voted in favor of the ruling.   The majority's thinking, such as it was, was that the Westboro Baps' freedom to engage in free speech had to be upheld.

Thus the  Court operated on a narrow, so-called legal basis.   But sometimes, and far too often, what is legal is not right.   Legality was not right in having the slavery laws, it was not right in having the Jim Crow laws, it was not right in denying women the right to vote, it is not right in the main when it comes to the "drug war" laws, it is not right in many of the "war on terror" laws, and it is not right here.

The main thrust of the Westboro Baps is supposed to be against gay sexual behavior, and that's shaky enough.   What that antipathy is supposed to have to do with the funerals of dead soldiers is beyond all understanding.

I thought that dead soldiers have always been among America's demigods, and so I'm amazed that the patriots among us have not long ago mounted a huge drive against this behavior.

Meanwhile, ordinary human decency at the Court would at least have decreed that the Fred Phelps rooster and his flock display their views at a minimum of a mile away from the funeral, if they just had to be anywhere around at all.

I wonder if the Westboro Baps have ever collected in the middle of the Arlington National Cemetery to do their thing?   Somehow I very strongly doubt it.  What do you think?


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

But just as allowing the Florida government to dictate the DIET of the poor people, saying that this "church" should not have access to free speech would be a slippery slope.

I was quite upset about the decision, but torn. I DO believe in my right to free speech. I don't believe that these people have a soul!

I hope someone sues the snot out of them for PTSD!

1:41 PM  

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