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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Calling Forth the Mob

Recently, a guy, a sportscaster, I think, severely downrated S. Palin's qualities as, shall we say, a sensual inspiration.  That is, he didn't think her image was one that could be profitably summoned to a man's mind in order to intensify the sensations while engaging in sex, whether or not with an actual woman at hand.

Some men in the accompanying comment section disagreed, and said that thoughts of her are indeed just such a bolstering force, though others said that she quite definitely would be a big deflater.  I'm in that latter camp.

In my eyes neither she nor any of the other unaccountably  large number of howling female werewolves on the right wing has the slightest bit of sex appeal, no matter how they look, and despite the fact that they are women, a group that otherwise does such a stellar job and is in complete charge of supplying the inspirations that bring about so much enjoyable entertainment, relief from certain tensions, and even that absolutely essential process, the only thing that the Life Force really asks of us -- the continuation of the species.

Until Palin came along, I didn't feel as strongly about that, and I was  even willing to give the most noisome harpy till then, Ann Coulter, that leggy and pleasant- enough-looking "dirty blonde" with the demonic grin, at least a drop or two of benefit of the doubt.   But I've heard and read about how Palin speaks, and now any leeway in that matter is gone, gone, with no exceptions.  

I don't know.   Maybe I'm too old for certain things.   But I'm still far from dead, and that is brought out most vividly by views of certain film actresses, all at or above the age of about 37.

The trouble is that S. Palin has betrayed the whole concept of womanhood.   She always thinks in terms of waving guns and shooting things, and, even worse, the only arousing I've ever see her doing is not of the libido but of the rabble, and that was shown numerous times during the election campaign of 2008.

In fact, there's not a doubt in my mind that if she were ever called upon to do it by her admirers, she would jump at the chance to get a lynch mob all worked up enough to pour out on some night-time roads and head for the homes of the objects of her contempt, drag them out, string them up in trees, douse them with gasoline, set them afire, and then  hang them in nooses till their heads were bent in severely unnatural alignment with the rest of their bodies.

No doubt at all.   And she would enjoy the experience, and would push having a reality show displaying it, to be broadcast of course by Fox News.

Of course, when called upon to defend herself, she would say, "Who?  Me?   I was just kidding when I made that speech.   And why are you picking on poor little me again anyway?   See?  You always do that."


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

I really wish she would take her entire family and GO AWAY. Maybe should could go look for that island under the Arctic? Maybe should could find it and stay there?

She is such an embarrassment to this country and so few people seem to see that!

11:40 AM  

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