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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Nobel Prize for Wikileaks

A member of Norway's parliament has nominated Julian Assange, the now famed and infamous, depending on your point of view, originator of Wikileaks, for the Nobel Peace Prize.   This is an entirely natural and worthwhile thing to do, as you can't get too many secrets spilled from the high places, which aren't really that high at all, and instead and in fact are really often as low as it is possible to get.

I can already hear the howls of extreme outrage rising from the NOA's -- the Nasties of America -- except that the greatest amount of it won't be directed at the person who made the nomination, or even at Assange.   Instead they will do as much as they can to come down hard on President Obama, because it will remind them of how the Norwegians gave him the same prize last year.   He had not been in office long, but he was seen as embodying some very powerful hopes for the future.   So, should Assange win, the Nasties will loudly call on Obama to "refudiate" his own Nobel, on the grounds that the Wikileaks disclosures hurt America, when actually, now months later, there has been no evidence of that at all, and instead daily you will hear about things that should be known but about which all but the perpetrators were kept in the dark.   And it's a very good thing to see evidence of how people in cabinets, banks, and other towers of the mighty are all too often petty nitwits just like everybody else, except you and me.

Obama's reaction will be, as it always is, to say, "Now guys, be nice," instead of showing them the outstretched middle finger of his left hand, a gesture that the Limbeckers of the world always so richly deserve.

If I remember correctly, Nobel prizes are not awarded posthumously, and that means that Assange should be a shoe-in.  Otherwise there's a now sadly deceased fellow who would undoubtedly have a lock on it, had not the act that brought him so much attention obliterated his chances of winning the prize.   That would be Mohamed Bouazzi, a Tunisian who  on this past December 17th immolated himself, in protest againt the Tunisian rulers, and so unknowingly started the ball rolling for the series of dictator-booting attempts that are now sweeping across the Arab world.


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