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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Chinese Burg

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people 

Wow! A nightmare of the science fiction of old, now a current event!  Time really is moving fast, and running out fast, too, for many things that once were held so near and dear.

This situation in China won't be quite as bad as it sounds, however.   At least not this year.   This won't be quite a city like New York.  At least not this year.  For now, this still unnamed big burg will be more of a district shaped vaguely like the skull of a long dead bull, and it will consist of nine, already existing large cities that are far past sensible walking distance apart.   They will be linked by advanced rail service and many other modern amenities, and the whole thing will spread out over 16,000 square miles.  The closest we have is New Jersey, which is taking up a little less than half that much space.   But then, look at New Jersey.

New Jersey was long ago declared to have lost the last of its officially designated rural districts, which means that though it still might have a couple of trees left, it is just a megacity, too.

It may already be past the time to pick up a stick and run with it.



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