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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colossal Waste

I lifted this video from an Australian site called "The Quiet Magpie."   It's a good talk about environmental importances, and the part farther into the talk, about the Alberta Tar Sands, makes you wonder if the Canadians, normally so sensible, have gone bonkers, by trading off a large section of one of their beautiful western provinces, for some filthy lucre that won't even last that long, like all seemingly good bad bargains. 

This woman, Naomi Klein, is something else.   Do you see how she towers miles above the likes of an S. Palin or an A. Coulter?  That's because she has a program, that is, something worthwhile to do with herself, and they don't, in any sense.  Yet the majority of men would greatly prefer listening to a Palin or a Coulter and eating a mile of their dung.

This makes me wonder how often natural selection can be said to have worked in the case of the human race.  If it was on the job, then it must not have had its head screwed on tight.


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