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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unoffered Advice

An online lady acquaintance is in a tight situation at her workplace, and she asks her readers for advice, any advice at all.

But I don't feel that I can give any, so I don't leave a comment on her site.

First of all, I would think that that's something a person should figure out strictly on their own, and this lady is plenty sharp and strong enough to be able to do that.

Secondly, I know absolutely nothing about her job and what it entails, pro or con.

Third, I know equally little about today's workplace and the alternatives that are available to her.

Fourth, I have no experience with her kind of situation. Never in my several places of employment or in the military, all quite long ago, did I encounter supervisors who voiced political or any other kind of opinions that troubled me. And I guess I was too unconcerned to be bothered about much anyway. I knew what I thought, and that was all that I needed.

This is not to say, however, that I don't have an opinion after all about what this lady might consider doing, and it could even be close to what she herself has already decided upon, and now she is merely fishing to find out many others might be equally like-minded.

It sounds to me like one of those times when we might wish we could live with the utter simplicity of a cat. I have observed that whenever cats encounter a situation that they deem to be totally unacceptable, they don't hesitate. They say, "I'm outta here!" and they leave, instantly. No rumination, no soul-searching, no waving of a paw among the alternatives. Instead they're already long gone, like a shot.

Such a philosophy must work, regardless of environment. As a species they've been around for much longer than any of us, and in reasonable states of comfort.

Unfortunately this lady is not in a position to see how cats do things. I don't think she has the necessary number of them, or even one. She has a dog, and dogs, being relatively new to the planet, don't have their ethic nearly as well worked out.


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