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Monday, October 05, 2009

Restricting Gifts to Bloggers

Clicking here should lead to a Wall St. Journal article titled "U.S. Seeks to Restrict Gifts Made to Bloggers."

Bloggers get gifts? Who knew!

I know that more and more the various aspects of existence are slowly but inexorably getting away from me, but this is too much!

Well, this news item just goes to show how clever I have been with regard to yet another matter that need not cause me any worry.

But let's see what the article says.

The very first sentence puts things in a somewhat different way. It reads: The government wants to make it a little harder for bloggers to shill products online for fun and profit.

It seems that bloggers in another world that I know nothing about get freebies and other rewards for touting something or another, even including celebrities and movies, Payola of a sort. So the the government wants to make bloggers answerable in the same way as broadcast stations, newspapers, and magazines.

I didn't know that blogging had reached that point. And maybe it is indicative of something that the article ends -- at least on my computer -- abruptly cut off in mid-sentence.

This must mean that the matter hasn't been completely thought out as yet, from anyone's viewpoint.


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