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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weblogs and the Bear

Years ago there was a miniseries on TV that I remember mostly because of a single line. It went, "Some days you eat the bear . . .and some days the bear eats you." I think that writing a non-bigtime weblog is like that. At least I can see it happening in the three most personal weblogs that I follow the closest -- LeftLeaningLady's My Musings, Rook's Rook's Rant, and Steve Bates' Yellow Doggerel. For various reasons they take "sabbaticals" that last for various lengths of time, in between periods when they post regularly. Similarly I go through periods when the posts pour out of my head and even into this weblog profusely -- or at least profusely for me. But then I have other intervals when one day of neglecting to put something in here leads too comfortably to a second day of the same and then another, and another, etc.

I know the causes of this most recent gap. I don't want to go into them for the vary same reasons that I indulge in the gap in the first place -- except to say that the things that I read about what's happening elsewhere in the world have a lot to do with it.

People seem to have no idea of what an enormous privilege it is merely to be on this planet, if only for a relatively short time.

Things were better back in the ages of the dinosaurs, before that asteroid struck -- except of course for the beings that the raptors ran down and ate. That's the first era I think of wanting to visit, whenever time travel comes to mind. Following the first Indians on their trek from the Bering down to the Magellan Strait down through all three of the Americas comes in a very close second.


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