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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Topless in Central Park

An article that I found on the Alternet tells of a brave young woman who recently decided to walk around in New York City's Central Park while bare to the waist. I guess she wanted to check out the limits of toleration.

Quite logically and understandably, all the men she encountered took the sight of her in stride, without a disparaging word, and without much staring or any leers either. The only thing she heard from them was when a couple of guys, protective of her, warned her that she would probably get into trouble, though there didn't seem to be any known laws against it.

The women she saw were a different cup of tea entirely, and she ended up being somewhat distressed and puzzled about all the unfavorable remarks that they flung in her direction, in and out of her hearing.

What is the explanation?

Whenever I hear about something like this, especially when it comes to puritanical religious women, I wonder what they think whenever they take a bath or a shower. Do they really believe that, unclothed, they suddenly become objects of utter disgust?

I would think that they would rise in support instead of such a courageous challenge to a popular bias.

I was all the more impressed with what this woman did because, though a male and with no attractions for anybody, I would never step outside my house without being fully clothed, even in these woods where only an occasional deer is ever present to witness anything.

I know an exceptionally in-your-face, mature woman who, though she has three daughters (or maybe because of them!) does not care for the company of other women, and generally she prefers to associate with men, or so she told me.

I don't remember exactly why. The reasons behind that attitude might throw some light on the above question. And it would also be interesting to know if she still feels that way.

I wish E. was still living close to here so that I could ask her about this. Her views, even on subjects that otherwise were totally off her radarscope, were always worth hearing.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

How refreshing that you see people as people without any pre-conceived notions. Or at least you don't hold on to them.

Women are hateful, horrible creatures who are mostly unhappy with themselves and want to ensure everyone else's unhappiness.

12:02 PM  

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