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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three More Biden Thoughts

1. Envy is so strong in humans that it can never be counted out entirely.

J. Biden has been a familiar fixture on the national political scene -- and with open ambitions -- for so much longer than B. Obama that it is almost an understatement to say so. He has long since thrown his hat in the ring for President, and probably more than once, but failed to whip up enough excitement. So what does he think about his new position as second to this newcomer who, because he can induce excitement aplenty, has gotten much closer to the grand prize than Biden ever had the chance to be?

But that question pales next to another that asks, what about those who for various reasons that they wouldn't want to say aloud, would be more in sympathy with Biden than with Obama, even if previously they had never had any use for that liberal, after noting that this man that they would instinctively consider to be inferior to Biden is nevertheless the big cheese in the effort, while Biden is only playing second fiddle. They might see this pairing only as a humiliation for their idea of the more deserving senator from Delaware, due to his seniority in all respects and to the fact that he looks like them, and, thinking that he should not be part of this, they would vow to take it out on the ticket regardless.

2. There can be no doubt at all that the choice of Biden is a huge improvement over J. Lieberman as the Democratic VP candidate in 2000. And though Lieberman is now a supposed Independent and is supposed to be allied with the Democrats in the Senate, in the role that he has been polishing for a while as the chief J. McCain lapdog, he is going to be a speaker of high interest at the upcoming Republican National Convention. And actually, instead of being disgusted, Democrats should be happy with the prospect, because this flaccid man must have been a miscalculation for everyone from the day he was born

Connecticut is a respectable state. It has produced a number of worthwhile senators. So what do the affluent voters of that state see in this man who has so many limp aspects? Taxes, it must be, because it seems that once you get some money, taxes become No. 1, and all other considerations for the common good are left to sink or swim.

3. Nobody in Congress is better informed on Iraq or has been more active in presenting ideas for salvaging that situation than J.Biden. He has probably been there more times than J. McCain. But the national media has done such a good job of concealing the pain of the Iraqis from Americans that recent polls are saying that instead, the badly threatened American economy is the No. 1 concern. Iraq is 7,000 miles away, but the economy is right here, up close and personal, and there's only so much the media can do to mask the pain of that on behalf of GWBush and the Republicans.

So is Biden as up on subprime mortgages and trillion-dollar derivatives as he is on Iraq? Actually Iraq is such a drain on the government that it and the state of the economy are closely intertwined. In any case I'm sure that the first chance he gets, J. Biden will expound to us on that and on other matters as well. You can already see his gleaming smile. He will be happy to.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

I agree with you 100% about this VP thing. It was too much hoopla for me, and, frankly, I didn't give a damn. As I told my brother this morning, if future President Obama started hacking people up in a town forum, I still was NOT voting for John McCain!

Things are quiet here, we seem to be in the eye at the moment. About an inch of rain last night, but The Weather Channel says the worst is yet to come.

We will see!

1:53 PM  

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