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Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Abouit Fay Now?

As a true weather junkie -- in the hurricane season -- I still can't take my eyes off Fay, because it has turned out to be a real character, though on the hard-headed side. As of right now it is still messing around with the Florida Panhandle, but the 5-day forecast shows it getting ready to pick up some steam, finally, and moving westward while still dropping lots of rain on all those Gulf Coast people that really don't need that much of it, till, over New Orleans, it will then make another 90-degree turn, to its right in a northeastern direction, as I had hoped it would. But by then, if not enough of it has passed over water in the meantime to give it some oomph, it is scheduled to become just another wet memory before getting very far.


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