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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great News for the Good Guys -- Rachel Maddow!

I couldn't believe it! Just now I read that Rachel Maddow is going to have her own hour-long show on MSNBC. The dark cloud that has hung over the communications media for so long, with all the dominance of the Limpbags crowd for so many years, is showing signs of lifting a little.

I used to listen to Rachel Maddow quite a lot when she had a morning show on Air America, which I could get on my computer, and it was my favorite of all the AA shows, rivaled only when Janeane Garofalo was on during her night show. But unfortunately Garofalo was badly hampered by several things, mainly the fact that she had to team with a guy named Sam Seider, whose ego had a habit of showing itself whenever she was around, and I had the distinct impression that there was a strong personality clash there. But then she is so prickly herself that she would probably have had differences with anyone. Also she seemed to have lots of other irons in the fire, being that she is also a movie actress, stand-up comedian, and other things as well, so that she wasn't on the air all that often.

But Rachel Maddow, the epitome of business-like and efficient, was always on her show when she was supposed to be, and she had it pretty much to herself, which figures because she's so sharp -- in the sense of her communication skills, being knowledgeable, and tireless in digging up her material -- that it's hard to imagine anyone being able to keep up with her.

At around that same time she did share a show with another MSNBC host, a conservative named Tucker Carlson, but I believe he is no longer there. I never saw that show, but I had the idea that, since it was basically his show, she had to defer to him, which for her must've been akin to Tiger Woods or, in an earlier time, Ted Williams deliberately checking their swings.

The progressive/liberal community couldn't be more fortunate in having Rachel Maddow on their side. As a communicator she is in a class all by herself, and you definitely wouldn't want to debate her about anything. Often I would listen just to see if she would make one of those slips that come so often with speaking extemporaneously on the air, and when, after about a week, she would finally make one it would be hard to believe. It was astonishing to hear how she could, at nearly warp speed, pour one thousands of words in perfect order, and making perfect sense all the while.

But now I am in even greater pain because my 4DTV satellite receiver stopped working close to two months ago, depriving us of TV, and we are restricted to looking at Netflix movies and getting our news and other things from the computer. And as looking at movies is 98 percent of what we did with out dish, it's hard to justify paying to get the receiver fixed and then paying the hundreds of dollars for subscriptions.

But maybe I'll be able to hear Rachel Maddow on my computer. I have to look into that.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Interesting. I don't watch much TV, because it just isn't worth it to fight with DSD about it. He is an addict; I would rather read a book.

10:16 AM  

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