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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bye to the Morning Internet

In the interest of getting my days off to a better start, I want to wean myself from my present habit of surfing the Internet first thing in the morning. I want to save that till some time in the afternoon or in the evening. That's going to involve doing something about curbing my great curiosity about what's going on in the great Outside World, which for me is far more Outside than it is for the great majority of people. But with a little effort I think I might be able to manage that.

As it stands now, the first site I check in the morning is Weather Underground, followed by Google News, and then on to various weblogs and other sites of that kind. This is all well and good, but those other sites after the Weather cause the trouble, because far too often it involves being told what the Republicans and the other ubiquitous forces of evil are doing. That is a true poison to the mind, and it makes no difference even if the news item is speaking of some way in which, rightfully, they've been foiled in their dark designs. The peaceful, balanced mind is roiled and repelled by just the mention of their names.

But it could be worse, and even now I am in not nearly as bad a fix as all those for whom watching or reading the Fox Cable News Network is a staple of their lives.

A person is in a truly horrible bind if he or she should happen to live in a country where any large number of its citizens depends on Fox News for getting any percentage at all of its information on what is going on at home and abroad, along with takes on what it means.


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