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Sunday, April 29, 2012

She Did It Again! Who? Lohan. Who Else?

The top item in the news today is that they held a dinner that they have already been holding for many years in the snotty Federal haunts of D.C., called the White House Correspondents Dinner.

I have always found this event to be stupendously uninteresting on several counts that I won't bother to enumerate. But one is that everything I have seen of several crops of the White House correspondents through the years has marked them as being an arrogant, pushy bunch that is best left unremarked and uncelebrated. Also the main thing they do at this dinner is to "roast" biggies in the Establishment, and I've never understood why "roasts" are so funny. To me they're as inexplicable and stomach-turning as the fun the natives around here in this rural Virginia county get at fund-raising dinners where good ol' boys appear and prance in female clothes and makeup.

For instance this year all that seems to have happened at the White House Correspondents dinner is that President B. Obama roasted the upcoming Republican candidate for President, M. Romney. How does that rate as being "news?" They've been doing a lot of that for the last seven or eight months, and they will be doing much more in the next six months, until the elections, though that choice is so clear, as it always is in such elections, that only fools don't already know exactly who will get their vote.

But this year the dinner was graced by a big difference.

For some reason somebody invited the most entertaining -- much more off-screen than on -- movie actress of our times, Lindsay Lohan. And true to form, she marked the occasion by partying so late the night before that she missed her first flight, and then she added the extra "scandalous" and "shocking" touch of apparently stumbling in one of the airports, before she showed up at the Hilton in a suitably subdued all-black outfit that looked great, not least because she was in it.

Now that's real news -- that this most renowned and unapologetic female rules- and law-breaker of them all attended the White House correspondents dinner, and she did it by remaining true to form and to herself by stumbling through in her own inimitable style. I still think that that is extremely rare and exceptional.

If I had been there she would have stolen the show and drawn all the attention and questions, but I like to think that she did anyway, sneaky-wise. And I won't even wonder whom she has in mind to vote for. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if she has never voted in her life. She's been too busy stirring up the tsk-tskers, while hardly seeming to know it.


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