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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Slugging House

This year my wife and I have been looking, via Netflix, at the years that the medical drama "House" was on TV. We have not yet reached the end of the second year, yet House has already been roundly socked three times by my count, by one or another of those characters that in a sensible world would never be allowed within three blocks of that hospital, namely the so-called "loved ones" of the patients within, but in this show are allowed not only to peer right over the doctor's shoulders and offer their endless dumb comments and questions, but also to do other stuff that only stops short of their climbing atop the patients' chests and imperiously squatting there during open heart surgery.

I ask you, how many doctors are socked three times in their entire careers? How many are socked even once? The number is extremely low, if not absolutely zilch, I would think. Yet "House" ran for seven seasons and is only being taken off the air this year. That means that I can look forward to seeing him taking a roundhouse punch to his jaw or to his stomach by an enraged loved one with no toleration for whimsy at least seven more times, and that's while I'm being generous with my arithmetic.

I would say that, in spite of its success, "House" has desperately needed new writers, directors, and producers right from the start. What would you say?


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