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Monday, March 26, 2012

No Easter Hunt This Year. Sorry, Kids!

The people who hold an annual Easter egg hunt in a park in Colorado Springs, Colorado have cancelled the hunt for this year, because of "aggressive parents." Anybody who has been to a high school sporting event probably can immediately start forming a picture of what happened.

The first account that I read somewhat breathlessly and furiously said that last year hundreds of parents jumped the low ropes that marked off the areas where the eggs were hidden and pushed others out of the way in order to help their children grab up and make off with as many eggs as possible, with the result that in seconds all the eggs were gone and many other children were left without any eggs at all. And all that without the quantity of found eggs leading to any kind of a monetary prize. Other reports, including comments posted by some who were there, give more nuanced accounts of what actually happened, but in general they do not paint a pretty picture in tune with the Easter season.

I can remember attending only one Easter egg hunt during my childhood, and it wasn't really a "hunt." It was called the "White House Easter Egg Roll" instead, and it is extremely vague in my head because I probably wasn't even as old as I was at the time that my father took the picture of me that you see up there on my sidebar -- only three, or four at most. I was so little that I had no real idea of what was happening. The significance of Easter eggs and of rolling them on the White House lawn completely escaped me, and instead all I did was just to sit there quietly and look around and wonder what in God's name was going on. And that's too bad, because this was somewhere in the middle 1930's, and I do remember my mother and father telling me and my sister that the President was there, taking part in it all, and that would've been Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his first term. But a great and extremely peaceful time was had by all, including yours truly, even if I did spend it in the fog and ignorance that accompanies being not long since arrived on the planet.

Getting back to Colorado I have never heard of such a thing happening at an Easter egg hunt. Was it a one-time and purely local thing, or was it a sign of the times? I am fearful that it is the latter, and it adds to misgivings that I'm already having over, among other things and speaking of the U.S. President, what's going to happen when the Republicans finally settle on one candidate and they turn their full attention and fury on running B. Obama down to the ground any way they can and tons more than they already have, by, also among other things, bitterly disputing every single statement he makes, even if he were to have the utter gall to claim that the Sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

--Wow! I was just thinking. Not many people can say that they were at an Easter Egg Roll with Franklin Delano Roosevelt! Not even people as old as me and older can say that, because they didn't have the foresight to be a potatohead tiny tot in Washington, D.C. at that particular point in time. Imagine that! But I'm also thinking that such are the little distinctions that we all have at one time or another in our lives -- if we can become aware of them.


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Wow, nice article.
I've never heard about "Easter Hunt" before.
I'll read your other interesting article.

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