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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Call It What It Is

It seems hardly possible, much less sane, that, so soon after the GWBush administration left the U.S. deeply mired in a huge economic slump and a host of government bailouts of auto, banking, and other types of commercial businesses that are normally viewed with so much more reverence than the U.S. government, now, only three years later, many Americans are seriously considering bringing that same party back into power later this year. It's unbelievable that a part of the American electorate of any size can be so capable of learning absolutely nothing over such a short period.

Though the latest in the succession of crackpots who have been vying to be the Repub Presidential nominee have gotten sidetracked on deadbeat issues like abortion and contraception, the main issue of this election cycle is supposed to be the economy, as it usually is during any election, because the economy is such a slippery monkey that even the best minds never seem able to get their hands on it enough to put it on a steady, trouble-free basis for longer than a week.

Yet so far the Repub hopefuls have proposed nothing that has any hope of improving the economy by even a little. Their old reliable standby, tax cuts, tax cuts, and still more tax cuts, has gotten to be such a threadbare concept that even they don't seem to believe in it that much anymore.

You would think that if the Repubs were even half as clever as they think they are, they would instead throw in with the Democrats in revving the economy back up to the max, so that the next time they manage to hoodwink the often comatose electorate into thinking they should once again run things, they would have something once more to cut whenever any problem rears its inconvenient head.

But no, they always want it all, and they want it now. So now, with so little left to slice off the public rump as things stand, what else do they have?

Therefore their main and actually only battle cry is that everything bad is the fault of B. Obama and therefore he must be denied a second term. Period. That's all.

But what is it about B. Obama that makes him deserve so much of their undying and general hate? It can't be anything that he does, in light of how often he has stirred up anger against him by those on his side, due to his demonstrated readiness to apply Republican attitudes to various problems.

Therefore the hatred can't possibly be directed at the stuff he does or does not do. Instead it can only be because of what he is. And what could that be? He is what used to be called here a "mongrel." He has far too much Rainbow (i.e. "black") blood running through his veins and arteries. He is, in a word, a "Nigra" and therefore just because of that, these people screech over and over again that he must be ejected from office forthwith.

That attitude, which comes under the headings of racism and bigotry, is the whole and the only explanation for the hatred that one hears so often directed at B. Obama, and all the other reasons that you will hear given to this widespread antipathy to the man by the country's huge number of sanctimonious souls should always be called what they are: rationales that are pure poppycock, aka nonsense or bullpoop.


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