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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Limbogian Hatred

H. Rap Brown was a "black" militant of the '60's who became famous for saying that violence is as American as apple pie. It sounds clever but I have never subscribed to that notion, I guess because throughout my life that started only 13 years after the end of World War I, the first half in an almost entirely "black" world and now the second half in an almost entirely "white" world, I have seen quite a few apple pies but hardly any violence, especially when compared to all that I've heard about. But I do subscribe to a similar principle that occurred to me only today, and that is that barely concealed race hatred is not only as American but also as human as Coca-Cola, and always has been. If it wasn't, how is it that in the U.S. one air wave babbler in particular has become fabulously wealthy by doing absolutely nothing for upwards of 30 years except pouring stupidity and race plus many other varieties of blind hatred into avid ears?

All the disorders of the mind that the current, exceptionally prolonged and tiresome primary struggle being waged by the Republicans has stirred up on the American pond and kept things there roiled unmercifully reminds us of this. These dark, noisome vapors have been set into motion mainly in the southern states, where they've always lived in great profusion just under the surface, like all the methane under the Arctic seas, and the way that those ugly, toxic currents have been sent rolling across the rest of the U.S. have been how these primaries have performed such a great disservice to the country. People in those other regions look at that Deep South section of the pond and see mirror images of themselves. These images are blurred and not sharply defined, but mirrors still have that strange property of usually causing people to like what they see, regardless.


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