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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Cosby Trayvon Martin Remarks

Bill Cosby, the highly celebrated comic and actor, is being widely quoted for having said that the Trayvon Martin case should not be looked at from the viewpoint of race but should instead be seen as an issue of the use of guns and their ownership.

This is not true. That case has every bit as much to do with Martin's color as it does with his murderer having brought along a gun. Would Trayvon Martin have been stalked and then killed if his melanin count had been the same as that of Zimmerman's father? Almost the same question could be asked of another case two decades ago. Would O.J. Simpson have been so roundly vilified, or at all, if it had been his rainbow, i.e. "black" first wife who was murdered instead of his decidedly non-rainbow, i.e. "white" second marriage partner? The answer to both questions is a loud and resounding "No!".

Cosby should know better. By this time he should know that race has to do with nearly everything you can name, at least those issues that cause numerous jaws to tighten, including the health care stuff. Especially including the health care stuff.

But I guess that having enjoyed as much adulation as he has for nearly all his life, and from having become wealthy as a result, at age 76 Cosby no longer has the ability to see such niceties, and so now he is instead probably enjoying being widely toasted (Google News will probably run that item for as long as a week) for having repeated the things that people want to hear instead of the cold, hard facts that they never want to acknowledge or to face.


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