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Monday, April 04, 2011

Small Observation on a Finally Really Warm Day

I do some of my best -- that is, the most nagging -- work when I am supposed to be doing something else.  

Today I hope to do some long delayed work on cleaning the chimneys of the heating stove and also of the cookstove in the house.  But I am coming down -- or up as the case may be -- from a cold that has kept me low on energy for the last few days.  

Still it is a great day to be doing stuff outside.   Spring is the funnest season anyway.   Watching to see how much of all the stuff we've planted here over the years is going to come up again.   Every day a new development, and we are hardly ever disappointed.

I am especially getting off on the bearded irises that I've been transplanting from the ground into the ordinary black plastic  pots.   A few years ago a real explosion in the vole population nearly wiped me out of the irises that I had been accumulating so carefully, and at some expense.   I figured that putting them in 3-gallon pots was the only answer, and it's been working out great.   Naturally I'm not nearly finished with it.


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