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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Inaccessible in Turkey

It is with some remorse that I report that everybody in the mystery-ridden country of Turkey is barred from enjoying the exquisite pleasure of reading this, my weblog.

I didn't do anything to earn this crusher.   Are you disappointed?  Or have you learned long ago that I never do anything to earn much of anything.

I found out about this when Angry Arab said a couple of days ago that one of his readers had told him that his blog is banned in Turkey.    But now he's been informed that he wasn't banned.   It's just that his site is inaccessible in Turkey, and so are all the other sites that use Blogger with the blogspot address, which includes me and probably a great many of you.   It's the fault of some lawsuit that involves copyright infringement.

Angry Arab is probably just as put out as he can be -- not because his site is inaccessible in Turkey or anywhere else, but because he wasn't singled out for banning after all.  He would think that the notoriety that he has worked so long and hard to achieve deserved much better than for him to be simply lumped in with a large bunch of Internet riffraff.

And speaking of me....

I'm aware of how the Internet is all over.   Yet the world keeps growing larger because every day I keep being reminded of how much more of it keeps receding from being within normal walking distance.   And this matter leads me to wonder if anybody in China, or in Israel for that matter, has ever caught even just a fleeting glimpse of these, my ravings.

Just wondering.


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