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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Using the Bankers' Code Book 4 -- The Bogus "Rescue"

From my reading of the Money Changers code book, everything is going according to plan. In the last seven and a half years GWBush has done exactly what they put him into office to do. He has delivered the goods. In two big swoops he has transferred the cash from the pockets of Mr. and Mrs. America to the Changers' vaults, though both times in ways that didn't make the larceny so apparent to the frequently stupified sensibilities of that pair. The first was with the tax cuts and other policies that increased the gap between the haves and the have-nots, and the second was by invading and occupying Iraq, an enterprise that is currently costing the country close to a cool 4 billion a month.

Now, in the last few days, which in turn are in the closing weeks of his invading and occupation of the Oval Office, the piece de resistance of his monetary confiscations has been set into motion. Using the threat of a second Great Depression arriving within minutes if nothing is done, he has sent to Congress a plan that is currently pegged at a cost of 700 billion. The ostensible intent is to rescue all the ailing financial institutions by buying their bad debts, while saying that after obtaining these at a discount, the Government will then make a tidy profit by unloading them at a later and more stable time at a higher price.

The media reporters, as usual, are giving us information on this while never giving answers to questions that they don't seem to have any stomach -- or paycheck reasons -- for asking. That's where having the Money Changers code book and the inexplicable urge to write stuff on a totally obscure weblog come in handy.

Where is the money for this plan coming from? --From the American taxpayers, one way or the other.

Where will this money go? --Ultimately to the central bankers.

What about the profit that the Government stands to make? --But we all know that things rarely if ever work out the way that the con men advertise.

Will this plan really put the stock market and the economy on a sounder footing? --No, because if anything like a new regulation is involved, it hasn't shown itself yet.

The promoters of the plan say that a lot of details still have to be worked out, yet they insist that everything must be done without a moment's delay. Isn't that plainly contradictory, and instead indicates that actually a lot of details will indeed be overlooked, while other bad and even fascistic ones will be sneaked through unexamined ? Yes, but nobody is supposed to put those sorts of 2 times 2 calculations together, including the most glaringly obvious aspect of all. If GWBush thinks this "rescue" is a good plan, then the opposite definitely is true. The proof of this is that never in all these years that he has been allowed to operate as the supposed President has this man praised any initiative that has been beneficial for the ordinary citizen and for which History will praise him. Never. None.


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