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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin Meets Karzai...and Then What?

In a carefully orchestrated but entirely artificial move, the McCain campaign arranged for their VP candidate, freshly grabbed out of the freezer where no one knew she was hiding, S. Palin, to say "Hi" to two so-called "world leaders," H. Karzai, of Afghanistan, and A. Uribe, of Colombia. Depending on their reactions to female pulchritude, they were unfortunate enough to be attending some U.N. sessions at the time and so found themselves roped in by the urgencies and the foolishness of the ongoing U.S. Presidential campaign.

I said "so-called" because the term "world leaders" suggests leaders of large parts of the world, when in reality the people who are usually referred to by that term are merely national leaders at best, and Karzai is not even that. His control over affairs in Afghanistan have become so constricted by the resurgence of the Taliban and other factors that he is sometimes referred to instead as "the mayor of Kabul," and he hardly dares stir from that place save for glorious trips to more salubrious climes abroad, like the U.S., where he can enjoy being referred to as someone having enough influence on many others in the world to be called a "world leader."

The idea of encounters such as these is to drop some quick "foreign policy experience" over the lady. Apparently being pointed out as being the "Commandant" of the Alaska National Guard didn't fly high enough. But I would argue that in her case a whole lot more than this still wouldn't be enough, A person who has been heard to refer to B. Obama as "Sambo" and to the Inuit of her state as "Arctic Arabs" still has a long way to go when it comes to harboring anything but ill feelings toward anyone who doesn't share her demography.

How deeply disheartening it is to see the tremendous risk in which J. McCain has placed the United States by positioning this lightweight, multi-biased person so close to being the Vice-President and even President, when even an outfit as hidebound and misguided as the Republican Party had other people, one or two of them women, who had put in hours and even years in thinking about not only foreign but also domestic policy and would not have needed these sudden crash courses to trick the American public into thinking them at least vaguely qualified.

From her photos S. Palin seems to be quite qualified to be a sex object, but that's not the idea ...or at least it wasn't till a man with no appeal of that sort at all nearly knocked himself dizzier than usual with a sudden slap on his forehead, a couple of months ago.

Meanwhile, thinking of McCain, Ms Palin also talked with another old warnorse of the Nixon years, H. Kissinger. He has maps on which he could've pointed out to her Iran, China, and Stalin's -- not Ty Cobb's -- Georgia. I figure that, going by his record in the past, ol' Henry felt especially gratified at meeting her.

As to her reactions to him, well.... That couldn't have been the first moment on the campaign trial when she must've regretted that she wasn't a Democrat instead.


Blogger andante said...

I guess it's a goode thing (for her) that her meetings weren't recorded.

I have visions of her asking The Mayor of Kabul "so, how about those Afghan hounds?"

1:52 PM  

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