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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cell Phones

In his always interesting weblog YellowDoggerel Democrat Steve Bates has a post about the imminent arrival of ads popping up unbidden on cellphones.

This made me think anew that being so far behind the technological curve isn't all bad.

It's a little weird that I'm in that state. It used to be just the opposite, and I recall a friend commenting on how far ahead I was of him and our other contemporaries, technically speaking. This was mainly because, long before anyone else had one, I was investing in open reel tape recorders, so that I could transfer my music to tape from LP's and 78 rpms (from this you will know how long ago it was), and also so that I could dictate writing stuff to myself. The former worked but not the latter, as I didn't care for the sound of my voice.

I am still reasonably up to date and even ahead of my age group where computers are concerned, but when it comes to little goodies like ipods, blackberries, pagers, and cellphones, my wife and I are sadly out of date.

For calling out I have absolutely no use for a cellphone, but I wish my wife had one working, because of the automobile drives that she too often likes to make, here, there, and everywhere, usually at night. She has tried to keep one going but hasn't found the trouble and expense to be worth it. For one thing, this area isn't rich in cell towers.

As long as six years ago, when a very unfortunate occasion forced us out of our happy home here deep in the woods and to take a cross-country flight, I thought all the cellphones that I saw people using in the airports was totally weird. And some people would talk loud, as if you weren't supposed to be able to overhear. So sometimes, just for the devil of it, I would try to give all the appearance that I was listening in.

I'm not fond, anyway, of using telephones of any kind. They involve too many real terrors.


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