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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Third Parties

Here is another comment that I just now posted on Common Dreams, swimming against the tide of anti-Democratic sentiment that is so fashionable there nowadays.

The recent war funding vote in Congress has certainly given many readers of Common Dreams a great opportunity to attack Democrats, liberals, and the like in a huge variety of ways, while largely giving the real enemy, the Bushies, a free ride, and at times even praising them for being so single-minded in pursuing their policies of perfidy – an attitude that strikes me as being no different from admiring members of the SS for having been effective soldiers.

However, assuming that these commenters still retain a touch of common sense -- which their extreme anger makes nearly impossible = it is easy to suspect that what is actually happening here is that the Republicans have turned loose a pack of operatives to infiltrate this site, agents pretending to be progressives who have, with this vote, finally seen the light and now are pledging to end their support of the one party, the Democrats, that has any chance of heading off the steady drift ever deeper into an American form of totalitarianism.

The alternative that many of these outraged souls cite is a third party. But they’re not taking into account the fact that this country is huge and quite possibly even oversized, which means also that it is embedded in inertia, in which things have a very hard time turning on a dime. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that ever since the campaigns of 2000, the U.S. has operated without a real government in place. Instead it has had a bunch of gangsters operating out of the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and the Supreme Court building. Yet the U.S. as a whole is still functioning, though in a noticeably impaired state.

Therefore third parties are just wishful thinking, unless a way can be found to change the model for them, which so far has been to serve as mere vehicles for single figures with low inspirational quotients, like Nader and Perot.

Meanwhile the Republicans would loudly applaud this splintering of their opposition, and after reading all this anti-Dem invective from supposed progressives, they will laugh and say “Keep it coming!”


Anonymous Jcheer said...

I'm a Canadian, so I can do nothing about American politics. Nonetheless, I feel terrified that Bush plans to "nuke" Iran. My question is this--since Democrats have a majority in the House, why can't they stop Bush?

3:47 PM  

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