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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Unaccountable Leaps in Time

As so often in the past, it amazes me that so much time has passed since my last post, way back on Feb 24.

Half of that trouble is that actually -- in my mind -- I write a new post nearly every morning after I awaken. The other half is is that, with so much else that I have to do not only in the early morning but also throughout the rest of the day, I don't get around to entering the posts in my computer, and a lot of that is affected by my perfect awareness that whatever I write will be read by essentially no one.

Like so much else it's all a matter of communication, isn't it? And if no communication is in progress, then letting things stay in my head is just as well, even though there they will soon boil off into oblivion, like gasoline on the ground in a hot summer's day.

Still I always feel that I've accomplished something when I do make a posting. So the desire is always there, and that's an important thing, too.

Meanwhile, weblog-wise, today is an auspicous day because I also finally got around to switching to the new version of Blogger. I had been putting off doing this for weeks, but this morning somehow I was pushed into it. I don't know if I still had a choice. Anyway I don't see much difference yet, though I'm sure I will as soon as I get around to investigating the new features.

But this move did accomplish one very good thing. The "New Blogger" said that I had 174 (!) comments that needed to be moderated. I knew the trouble. Entirely blogspam, from that nitwit largely sex-mad person named "Anonymous." But the new blogger also made it possible for me to reject all those pitches en masse in just a few seconds.


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