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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bush-haters and Bush-lovers

The right-wingers have a term that they try to fling in the face of everyone who disagrees with the least little part of the consistently monstrous G.W. Bush agenda. That term is “Bush-hater.” This should mean that they by contrast are “Bush-lovers.” Curiously, however, you have about as much chance of hearing them refer to themselves that way as you do of finding a hundred-dollar bill nestled in the gutter. Maybe awareness of how bad "Bush-lover" sounds can penetrate even their severely reduced levels of sensitivity. Also this may be because hatred comes so much more naturally to them than does love.

But with all that passes for their souls and minds they do love the term “Bush-hater,” and it’s amusing to see how they try to invest it with the most extreme meaning of all that's evil, and uncalled for, so as to give it a virulence every bit as strong as were “yankee,” “carpet-bagger,” “nigger-lover,” “commie,” ‘pinko,” “peacenik,” and many other epithets in the heydays of those terms, which are not over yet.

Maybe the right-wingers seize on "Bush-hater" so quickly and gratefully because hating Bush is exactly what they would do if they were on the other side of the Great American Divide that this man and his people have been so assiduously widening in the last six years. But actually Bush himself is so much the least of nothing that I don’t see how it’s possible to extend toward him a passion as strong as hatred.

I find that I, for one, don’t hate Bush at all, but I do harbor various levels of contempt toward him and his entourage and his lovers, and there’s a difference. Hatred carries no pity, whereas contempt involves some pity though not much.

Actually, looking back, I can’t think of anyone that I’ve ever actually hated. On the other hand I have loved a lot of people. Whenever someone started whistling discordant notes, I never gave them enough time to stir up an emotion in me as nauseous as hatred, because I got rid of them fast, and it’s amazing to me to see how, despite my lifetime's lack of resources, I’ve always been able to do that with no trouble. It’s just as if I can wave some sort of magic wand, and poof! In one way or another they quickly cease to exist, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Contempt is a little more troublesome and lingering, because of its accompanying element of pity. That’s why it’s taking Bush and his lovers so long to disappear. But I’m working on that, and time is on my side.

Putting as much ground as possible between one’s self and the transgressors is the best way to eliminate hoodlums. The planet earth doesn’t have an edge but the moral world does, and soon enough those rascals drop off it into the total oblivion that they deserve.

Of course others, who sometimes are even worse, are always waiting to take their place, but time's passage, whether quick or slow, seems to make them more susceptible to the cold drafts that they meet with, in baring their behinds.


Blogger H. Lewis Smith said...


United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. presents its Benedict Arnold list for those Blacks who insist upon publicly using the n-word including Daman Wayans.

No longer is it acceptable to trample upon the memories and honor of those who were tarred and feathered, burnt alive, castrated, hung, boiled alive, sodomized and tortured with hot pokers, disemboweled, unmercifully tortured in countless numbers of other ways, all in the name of the n-word simply because since the victims were considered to be a n***er it was okay to perform such atrocious, despicable acts. And yet as evil and heinous as these acts were there is something that transcends it and that is descendants of these canonized victims taking the word n***er and embracing it with tender loving care and using it endearingly and affectionately among them. How idiotic and moronic can this possibly be?

DAMAN WAYANS and JOHN RIDLEY names have been placed on this list.

Please go to http://www.theunitedvoices.org.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

You're headed down a dead-end road, H.L.S., so why bother? You should realize that words aren't so easily disposed of. Their usages can be changed, but that's a herding cats thing, and meanwhile they and their usages last as long as there are groups to use them, and the only way they can be lost forever is in the disappearance of those groups and/or in the event that they escape the detective work of scholars to come. Also you should remember the very Rainbow (i.e. "black") thing of turning words on their heads. Consider, for instance, how often "bad" means "good," or the ways in which "dog" has taken the place of "man" and so forth.

1:03 PM  

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