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Monday, December 04, 2006

John Bolton has Bolted. Beautiful!

Today, as a result of the recent Congressional elections, there was the best news yet since those elections. John Bolton, the Bush Administration's ambassador to the United Nations, seeing the handwriting on the wall with the Democrats' success, has resigned!

I had even less respect for Bolton than I had for Donald Rumsfeld, who similarly said goodbye though when the elections were barely over. At least as a character Rumsfeld was somewhat interesting, with his unapologetic saltiness, and once in a great while he would even say something of value, though now I can only remember one, and that was when he said that there was no way in Hell that the American people would stand for a draft (or words to that effect). Having always thought that a draft was unworkable in today's world, I hoped that he was right.

But I've never read anything that John Bolton said or did that made sense, though we're told that that he worked with France in brokering the recent ceasefire between Israel and the Hezbollahs in Lebanon.

It was in an act of high hypocrisy and cynicism that Bush appointed Bolton. It was an openly blatant case of putting the fox inside the chickenhouse (or the hawk or the opposum or the neighbor's dog -- they're all just as bad). Bolton had been highly contemptuous of the U.N. long before, so why appoint a guy like that? Just to make the rest of the world uncomfortable?

The U.N., because it is the chief body trying to promote world peace and because its members include almost all the countries of the world, is the most important assembly in the world, and as such it is not instead the handmaiden of the U.S. or any other single country, as so many U.S. conservatives seem to believe. And, instead of an out and out saboteur to the organization like Bolton, only representatives of real stature and with a feeling for the rest of the planet should be sent there.

Bolton was so bad that he was a problem even for some Republicans, and he was never confirmed for the U.N. post even by a Republican-controlled Senate. Instead Bush sneaked him into the spot by making a recess appointment during one of those frequent recent periods when Congress was at home taking it easy and taking money.

Actually, however, the choice of Bolton went right along with it being such a bad idea to let Republicans take over the U.S. Government in the first place. They had been bitterly critical of that Government, and so, ever since they gained control, they've gone a long way toward damaging that Government's institutions and its standing at home and abroad, along with looting the U.S. Treasury.


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