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Friday, December 01, 2006

Wind Advisories

It is now the first day of December. This means it won't be long before my favorite day of this month, the Winter Solstice, after which for the next six months this tough business of the nights steadily lengthening at the expense of the days will be reversed by the ways in which, to our incredible good fortune, this unbelievable planet of ours turns and travels.

December 1st also means that finally I can breathe easy about my firewood supply. I think I have enough now for the rest of the winter. Most of it is already hauled to the house, and the rest is cut and waiting in the woods.

I've been helped a lot this year by two unexpected factors. One was a younger friend who cut down a huge problem tree that was leaning across my creek and had hung up in another giant tree. That removed some risk to my life and limb, as that situation was too much in plain sight. He also hauled half of the wood to my house with a trailer hooked to his tractor, saving me from carrying it by numerous trips with my garden cart, largely uphill.

Also it's been unseasonably warm for several weeks, and that's been keeping me from having to use too much wood before the really cold months set in. Right now, though it's still in the pre-dawn hours, the temp is still well up into the 60's F, though that is supposed to end soon, maybe in just a few hours. Today and for some days to come it is supposed to be much cooler, with a 90% chance of rain today and also there's an advisory for strong winds.

Actually there are two wind advisories in effect. The other has been issued by the Homeland Security Agency. Taking an Al Qaida website at its word, the agency has warned U.S. financial institutions to be on the lookout for computer attacks, mainly through email overload.

As Al-Qaida seems to greatly prefer operating by surprise, the Mother Nature advisory is the more reliable of the two, because it involves the natural life processes of the planet. That advisory is also welcome, because strong winds should lower the temps, which have been unnaturally high for this time of the year, and that has been helping to keep the alarm bells of global warming busy.


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