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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Worst U.S. Presidents

Today Netscape is featuring an article on the 10 worst U.S. presidents. Most likely this was seen as timely because of widespread speculation as to how G.W. Bush will fit in there. I eagerly cliicked on the item, to see what it would have to say, should the writers have the perceptiveness and the bravery to include him, or whether they would choose to cop out. As you might expect, they quickly copped out, by saying that it was too soon to say.

I wonder how much time will have to pass before they will feel that it's safe to say. Were they speaking out of high optimism or what? Surely they can't really expect that in the little that remains of his second term, G.W. Bush will find enough to do to redeem all these years just of his unconscionable reactions to 9/11, culminating in his attack on a country whose citizens had nothing to do with that event, an attack and an occupation that have brought rack and ruin to the Iraqis such that they didn't suffer even in the eight years of their earlier brutal and bitter battle with Iran.

On these grounds alone quite a few citizens for a long time have already seen him as fashioning the worst presidency ever, and in fact some of us have even seen him as wearing those goat horns from the very first day that he perched himself behind the big desk. Subsequent events have more than borne out the feeling then that he couldn't possibly amount to anything, judging by how mediocre he had come across during the 2000 elections and even more by the criminal manner that he and his people were foisted upon a largely sleepwalking country and world after the votes were miscounted.


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