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Friday, April 30, 2004

OK. Now What?

I've had this weblog up for about a week now, and it might become a going concern, despite the fears I had about my inability to do anything each and every day, except the involuntary acts.

At least the site is basically up, though I have yet to post a picture or move the comments line close to the bottom of the post to which it belongs and away from the previous post. Also I have yet to install a counter, though that is fraught with risk. I will probably start playing with the colors and the fonts soon enough, and capitalizing the weblog title. I'm infamous in chatrooms, instant messages, and emails for assiduously engaging in such Internet no-nos as using capitalization and punctuation, and I even still remember how to spell stuff. No point in stopping now!

I see that a trackback option is there, though I don't know why or how, because it remains mostly a mystery to me.

But now the big question is, how will I conduct things here?

For sure I won't run out of material any time soon, especially if I keep following the "inanis et vacua" model of one post a day, no more, no less. But it won't be as heavily political as things are in almost all the weblogs that I've linked and the others that I also read now and then. But it'll be political enough. It will probably be lighter than most on links, too, as I have all these things resident in my mind to run down to whomever.

--Or, more likely, to no one at all.

But that'll be okay. Trees that fall in the woods DO make a sound, even if no one hears. For the last 25 years now I've lived in the midst of some serious woods, and I've decided that. Yes!

Another good thing I could do is to write a novel on this weblog. And that would be easy.

On finding that I've written some novels (all of them unpublished so far but still completed and all of them worthwhile I think -- I do have two biographies published), people like to say that they would like to do the same but can't buckle down to it. So I try to tell them the surefire, easy way I've found to do it.

You just resolve to write at least three sentences a day, rain or shine, no matter what, and never ever stopping till you reach the end.

That's it.

The point is that some days it will be excruciating to write those three sentences, while on others it will be difficult to stop 10 or more pages from gushing out onto your screen.

In three or four months voila! You'll find that you'll have a real life, rooting tooting novel on your hands, written entirely by you. You almost certainly will suffer a letdown at that point, and your work will almost certainly need some heavy revision, but you'll have your novel and you'll be at last ready to confront the Ages.

But maybe I won't write it on this weblog. Blogger allows you to have more than one weblog, and I have a second, unused one, called "Mixed Reasoning." And the novel I'd like to write has been stirring strongly through my mind for months now and I even have most of it almost fully sketched out, and it may serve as a much-needed therapy of sorts.



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