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All human history, and just about everything else as well, consists of a never-ending struggle against ignorance.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

From Dreams

I salute modern technology. Because of it I can finally give substance -- to the extent that anything in a computer online has substance -- to a recurrent dream that I had for years, though not recently. In it I was apparently writing a book that consisted of jottings on practically any subject. This dream flattered me by giving the impression that these snippets always got to the heart and the ultimate truth of things.

I was always left totally convinced of the reality and value of this book, though it existed only during my sleep, and only between intervals of years.

The title of the book was "Mixed Reasoning," and that may yet become the name of this weblog as well. I understand, however, that this weblog exists purely in the world's conscious state, and here "the "heart and the truth" of things will be strictly hit and miss, most often the latter.


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