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Saturday, January 08, 2011

"Arsh Twins" and the Idiocracy

Recently a lady of the Catholic faith acquainted me with an interesting term that I hadn't heard before -- "Irish twins."  The subject was a young man in his late 20's and in a very parlous financial situation but who has nevertheless collaborated with his girl friend to produce what I am told is a beautiful baby girl, and then right on the heels of that birth they collaborated again and instantly set a second child into beginning to take shape, thus the latter part of a set of "Irish twins."

 This lady is of Polish extraction.   I'm guessing that people with Irish blood call such quick back-to-back births "Polish twins," and the Israelis call them "Palestinian twins," and the Arizonans call them "Mexican twins,"   and so forth and so on, all over the globe.

 These births are. of course not the responsibility of any one group and instead have been common everywhere ever since births began, I would think.   I exclude my own parents from having produced such a set of "rainbow twins," on the grounds that they had tried for 15 painful years to have a child before I finally came along, followed just 14 months later by the arrival of my sister and then no more.

These "twins" seem to result as much from a strong desire to keep up the good work as they do from bad guesses and poor information about how long a woman is likely to be able to conceive again after giving birth, with an overpowering urge to see that interim period being as short as possible, and I am certain that one string of no less than eight siblings that I can especially think of  must have come from at least four but probably more such occasions.   

The problem is that nowadays such rapidfire births raise questions at a time when, though the world's birth rates are supposedly slowing down,  the number of humans eating and eliminating on the planet is still mounting and soon will top 7 billion, which has to be far, far more of any one animal than has ever been around at any one time.  And such large, noisy, greedy animals, using up everything that they can reach.

This lady who commented to me on the situation also has settled on an incredibly handy icon for it all: the satirical 2006 Mike Judge  movie called "Idiocracy."

She thinks that by not watching what we re doing while engaged in the joys of having children, the world has long since slid into the state of being an idiocracy, filled with light-headed people who subsist on a diet largely of substances akin to sodar pop.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Sodar pop. Nice one!

My husband and his first wife produced 2 children who were born at a 51 week interval. They aren't Irish twins, because they are of opposite sexes, but they were produced quickly. The girl child was born in 1983, one day after DSD's 19th birthday and the boy came 51 weeks later, 6 days before his 20th. Crazy!!! Apparently they had not heard of condoms in his portion of the country at that time.

I know others.. of Irish descent.. who call themselves or their children Irish twins though.

The movie was sad.. but possibly very very true.

11:39 PM  

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