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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Give Up, Days, Weeks, and Months

I give up. I now see that there is absolutely nothing I can do about the swift passage of the days, no matter what I do. The reason is that they've started going not one by one but in groups of threes and fours at a time. And I'm not talking just about posting on this site.

The only respect in which this kind of hurrying is not being done is in bringing on decently warm weather. There December and now January have obviously decided that there can't be too many nights featuring deep freezes, climaxing in mornings with temps as low as 8 or 9.F (well below zero or freezing on the Celsius scale),

So naturally one of the conservative rags digs up a scientist who is claiming that, while in the long run he believes in the global warming "theory," he argues that for now we are actually in for a period of as many as 30 years of abnormally cold winters. Thus in the short run, global warming can be seen as being a hoax after all, of sorts, a result devoutly desired by the rockheads.

For myself, I've never had a problem with the planet heating up a degree or two. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C., which is famous for its sweltering summers. And now I've been clever enough to re-situate myself 200 miles farther inland and at 850 feet above sea level. And anyway I seem to be in a great position to miss all the great catastrophes that have been calculated to come in the future -- in the exact same way that I missed each and every disaster that ever happened in the world and the universe before July of 1931 (or more correctly the stock market crash of 1929, because I certainly experienced some results of the bad effects that that event had on my parents, though, being a kid, I was not aware of that for a long time), And meanwhile, to keep my happygolucky theme going here, I also missed out on the overwhelming majority of the numerous disasters that have struck the planet while I've been here, by managing to be always in other places, and that avoidance took very little effort on my part -- or cleverness -- to speak of..

And anyway, I can't see how the forthcoming climate change is really going to be that great a disaster, because it doesn't figure to strike all at one time. Instead we're going to have the well-known thing of the frog not jumping out of the boiling water as long as the heat is turned up graduatlly, as opposed to dumping him in the bubbling pot then and there. I think global warming is going to happen slowly, over a period of years, and people will keep adjusting to it, keep adjusting, and the only ones who will really notice it will be rhe scientists who hang out near the Poles and keep tabs on the ice crashing into the sea..

So, to get back to the beginning of this post, it is the clocks and the calendars that have the final say, on most things.


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