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Monday, November 16, 2009

Supreme Effrontery

Here's something that I thought I had posted a week ago, but I guess I didn't:

A woman who is running to unseat one of the two current U.S. Senators from California, recently accused Barbara Boxer (D) of being arrogant because during a Senate hearing, Boxer requested that one of the witnesses, a brigadier-general, address her as "Senator." This female opponent said that Boxer should prefer to be called "Ma'am" or some such, and she said that Boxer's directive was a poor way to treat one of "our military leaders."

What is it about Democrats that cause their usual opponents to take leave of their senses so routinely, and, having shown their weak to non-existent grasp of reality, how do they ever get elected anyway?

Boxer after all is a full fledged U.S. Senator, which is supposed to be a highly exalted position, and she has been one for quite a long time. And if her opponent thinks that poorly of the country's civilian leaders that they have to defer to the military, when things have been set up so that it is the other way around -- and we should all be highly thankful for that -- why is this woman even running to take over Boxer's job?

Chalk this up to the myriad of things that I don't understand at all.


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