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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hours to Go before the Dawn

It's been hard to write posts and comments these days. Maybe I've been listening to Air America and Nova M Radio too much, especially in the "wee" hours and at all hours of the night, when almost every night I'm in my workshop, desperately trying to get work done on my nine-sectioned "iris window," and finding it to be uncomfortably slow going. It's extremely disheartening, meanwhile, to be reminded over and over again of how a large segment of my supposed fellow countrymen are so bent on trying to secure the election, by hook and by crook, the election of such malevolent and unqualified people as J. McCain and S. Palin to run the country, in preference to the far more able, distinguished, and even-tempered B. Obama, on no more grounds than that the latter, like me, had a dark-skinned father and a light-skinned mother who gave him a middle name that had no more to do with terrorism than did my son's middle name, "Yusef," which had nothing to do with admiration of anything in the Middle East and instead was the first name of a jazz musician, Yusef Lateef, whose work my wife and I happened to admire greatly. It's discouraging to be reminded yet again, as I already have throughout all the sentient parts of my life, that to people like these, who know nothing about me, I am neverheless, like B. Obama, little better than a walking disease, when that is not my impression even by one atom.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

It must be disheartening; I can only imagine. But, please, try to remember that there are many, many people who do not feel that way. People like me who believe 100% equality. I am too young to have marched for Rainbow rights, and I was only 1 when MLK was murdered, but I have always felt that the best thing I could do for those different from me was to raise my child to be color blind. So many parents raise their children in a world of hate, if more just raised them to judge each person on that person's merits, this would be a much happier world.

Chin up, the whole nightmare is almost over. In 3 weeks we can forget Sarah Palin's existence!

2:05 PM  

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