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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama Signs

Somebody stole the two-foot-tall Obama sign that we had standing by the side of the road, up at the head of our driveway and out of sight of my wordshop and our house. luckily we had another sign to replace it, so now we'll just have to see how that one does.

We have displayed signs in past elections, and such a thing never happened then. But it is right in line with reports I hear of all kinds of anti-Obama acts being committed all over the country, as Election Day approaches and he still maintains his lead in the polls.

Anyone with a lifetime's acquaintance with the history of this country, especially as regards atttitudes toward those with recent African blood lines, would expect as much, and that's why, along with many others, Obama's running for President carries as much dread for me as it does amazement and a certain pride.

My wife's 85-year-old stepfather down in Florida, often says something to the effect of, "I very much hope that Obama makes it into the White House, and that, once he's there, he gets to stay there. There are a lot of dirty people in this world, you know."

Political races throughout American history have rarely been models of decorum, so one that also involves the element of race and the continuing resentments that it brings about figures to take place in an atmosphere of continual and steadily escalating nastiness. That is shown vividly in Republican rallies, especially those headlined by S. Palin performances, and it produces the most intense wish that time would proceed at an even more breakneck pace than it already does for me, until Election Day, which waits a little less than four long weeks from now.

...On the other hand, our neighbor across the road, K., has two Obama signs less than 30 feet from our sign, and neither was bothered. As doubtful as it may be, that could mean that the swiper decided that there were enough Obama signs in that one apot on the road, and ours was needed for display somewhere else.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

I was thrilled to see an Obama sign in our neighborhood when we returned from the grocery store yesterday (other than mine). There are several McCain, but only the two Obama. I certainly hope your theif has the sign prominently displayed in his yard now. Maybe they are really poor and could not afford their own? Probably wishful thinking, but it is possible.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

So far, today, the 15th, several days later, our second sign is still there. Your thinking may not be so wishful after all.

2:40 PM  

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