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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bloggers Chess

I've had the temerity to challenge Rook, proprietor of the very interesting weblog "Rooks Rant," to a game of what he calls "bloggers chess," and we've just made our first moves, via email.

Several years ago, through reading the equally interesting "Dohiyi Mir" weblog, I chanced to come upon a game that its creator, NTodd, was playing with Rook.

Naturally, given my longtime closeness to chess, I was intrigued and kept close track of that game ...for a while ...especially because of Rook's running comments, and if you're interested you might want to keep track of this present game through his site if only to see what he will find to say. He has some views, on chess as well as on many other matters, where unique is often an understatement.

Rook and Todd -- especially Rook I think -- advertised their contest as the "First Ever Game of Blogger's Chess." I thought that notion was admirable, though I just chalked it up to sheer exuberance on somebody's part.

Those two players, and especially Todd I suspect, had a lot of other agendas to absorb their attention, and after several months the game had barely gotten out of the opening, which to me was kind of ...odd. (You didn't hear me say "deplorable.") Eventually I went into one of my weblog "sabbaticals" and I never did find out how that game ended, though I do remember that one of them was a piece behind. I wonder if they mutually just forgot about that game.

Since then, Todd seems to have to replaced chess with volleyball, but Rook, true to his name, has kept the faith, and a short while ago I noticed that he was involved in another game with a second foe.

But by the time I came upon the scene, though it was again after just a few moves had been made, Rook's new adversary had made a move on no more than his fourth or fifth turn that on its face looked reasonable enough but proved to be disastrous, and Rook had a quick and easy win.

I will try to be more careful ...and also more punctual. And the first victory in this game figures to be if we can at least get out of the opening!


Blogger Rook said...

Carl, NTodd conceded the first game. We went on to a second game, which he again resigned after the pace became snail like in it's advancement. I am working on my move for tonight.

12:43 AM  

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