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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Avoiding New Posts

I seem to have found a new way to avoid putting posts on this, my own site. I've been going around putting comments on other people's weblogs.

Formerly this was never the case. Formerly I would leave comments elsewhere only after I had pulled myself together here -- for a short while.

I have no explanation for my change in strategy, which I am trying to fight now.

It's uncomfortable but not so hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since I published a post here. It's all a part of the ever-growing acceleration in time that has become my lot. I have glaucoma but the world has become a blur in more ways than just my vision. Everybody seems to talk too fast for me, not to mention moving too fast.

Crazy stuff! But what can I do? And anyway, things could be worse.

I'm speaking here only of the human components of that world. Otherwise the cats and the trees seem to be moving at their same stately and relaxed pace as always, and that helps.


Blogger BadTux said...

The solution is that when you make an especially good comment on someone else's site, you go back to your own site and expand that comment into a full post, complete with all the necessary context to understand what it is you're talking about. That's what I do a lot, anyhow...

- Badtux the Verbose Penguin

12:10 AM  

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