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Saturday, September 30, 2006

P,S. on Ms Smith

Hot on the heels of all that has happened with her just in the last three weeks, it is reported that, at about the same time as my post on her two days ago, Anna Nicole Smith got married again, on a luxury catamaran in the Bahamas. Her new husband is reputed to be one of her lawyers, a man named Stern. This could be a neat end-around run with regard to the other guy who has laid claim to things, an ex-beau named Birkhead.

Life as it is carried on by humans must be like a wineskin, supplied with no instructions or specifications as to how much should be poured into it and at what speed or how long the skin will last. Smith and the fates have obviously colluded in deciding that hers should be stuffed with as much as possible, and quickly.

This is actually a common thing, yet it never fails to boggle my slow as molasses mind, which is why I keep taking notice.

No mention was made of whether her baby girl attended the ceremony.

If she did, we can at least comfortably assume that, though she is Smith's child, she didn't join the happy couple and the wedding guests in the swim that they took around the boat to celebrate the occasion.


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